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Stagi Enhancements

Repair StagiStagi concertinas are affordable instruments that can provide years of playing enjoyment. However, buying a Stagi from a mass-market web retailer can be a disappointing experience. Because Stagis are mass-produced, they require thorough checking, adjustment and a complete tuning to bring them into good playing condition. The Button Box is the only retailer that performs this service to your new instrument at no extra cost.

Our skilled technicians enhance Stagi concertinas by

We spend considerable time on each concertina before it goes to its new home, and we guarantee new instruments for one full year. You may see Stagi concertinas sold for a lower price by another retailer, but there may be hidden costs. Customers who have bought a Stagi elsewhere have spent hundreds of dollars with our repair department to fix problems that the Button Box takes care of before you buy.