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The books on this page offer background and history to our instruments, the music played on them, and the fundamentals of playing.

The Anglo-German Concertina: A Social History, Volume 1 - Dan Worrall

German and Anglo-German concertinas were by far the most popular forms of the instrument in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and were a favorite of working class people around the world. They were played by Irish peasants, London street musicians, Yorkshire mummers, Boer trekkers, Australian diggers, Salvation Army Lassies, and Zulu mineworkers. By sailors in the age of sail, Mormon pioneers in covered wagons, New Zealand sheep-shearers, and Inuit dancers in the high Arctic. By bushrangers and smugglers, music hall artists, street beggars, and just plain folks. These concertinas were a true global phenomenon, in many ways shaping the popular music of that era. They also are a modern phenomenon, enjoying a revival of interest that crosses international and cultural boundaries. This is the first comprehensive history of the instrument. This two-volume history makes extensive use of primary sources from period newspapers, books, and journals. There are over 440 illustrations, charts, and period photographs, as well as note-for-note transcriptions of numerous early recorded players. Vol. 1: 321 pages.


The Anglo-German Concertina: A Social History, Volume 2 - Dan Worrall

Volume 2, as described above. 271 pages.

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Chord Encyclopedia - Ryan Thompson

Chord progressions for 1000+ square and country dance tunes. 120 pages.         

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The Concertina Maintenance Manual - David D. Elliott

The guide to maintenance and common repairs for owners of Wheatstone or Lachenal concertinas. Second edition. 52 pages.


The D/G Melodeon Chord Book - Ed Rennie

Finally - a chord book for the right hand of the D/G melodeon! Contains clear diagrams with chords in every key, as well as how one might play scales (or parts of scales) in many keys on this instrument. Also contains a section on music theory and the construction of chords, complete with examples. 46 pages.


Bellows & Bows: Historic Recordings of Traditional Fiddle & Accordion Music from across Canada

55 fiddlers and 22 accordion players from every province and region of Canada demonstrate a diversity of styles: Scottish, French, Irish; First Nations, Métis, Inuit; Ukrainian, Norwegian, Polish. The 64 tracks include early radio and television broadcasts as well as archival and out-of-print recordings. Accompanying booklet provides background and photographs. 2CD set 156 pages.

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