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Learn to Play Button Accordion

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Irish Button Accordion

The Complete Guide to the Irish Button Accordion - Bobby Gardiner

"The definitive button accordion tutor by one of Ireland’s greatest traditional musicians, Bobby Gardiner, with 3 CDs. Bobby has been associated with the music department of University College Cork for over thirty years as an accordion tutor in Irish traditional music. In 2015 TG4 added Bobby to their ‘Hall of Fame’ when they awarded him a Gradam Saoil - a Lifetime Achievement Award. In this new tutor Bobby takes you step by step from your first notes to playing your first tunes and beyond." -- Claddagh Records 144 pages with 3 CDs.


The Irish Accordion Tutor: Volume 1 - Damien Connolly

Since the summer of 2006, Connolly has experimented with a more useful way to learn the B/C accordion - one that takes advantage of our natural ability to visually dual-process colors and symbols along with the benefits of the face-to-face learning characteristic of the oral tradition. The result is this tutor, a combination of a manual and a DVD of short videos. The manual provides detailed descriptions and explanations of how to perform virtually every operation on the Irish B/C accordion - bellows control, grace notes, triplets, rolls, basses, etc. - along with notation for 29 reels, jigs, and polkas. The DVD contains close-up views of Damien's hand as he plays slowly, once through every tune offered in the manual. This is recommended for the intermediate to advanced player. All bass annotation is for a Nolan bass, but is easily applicable to any other common bass layout. 96 pages with DVD.


Irish Button Accordion Techniques - Peter Browne

Tutor for the B/C and C#/D button accordion. Right-hand technique, focusing on ornamentation; some instruction on improvisation. 50 minutes. DVD


Irish Style D/G Melodeon: Mastering the Art - Tim Edey

Tim Edey works with student Paul Young to provide a live audience with a valuable insight into how to master Irish music on the D/G Melodeon. Normally considered the territory of the B/C box, this workshop will open your eyes to the possibilities of Irish repertoire on the D/G melodeon. Together they explore ornamentation, rhythmic drive, chord ideas, speed and dexterity, playing in other keys, and chromaticism. DVD

$34.95 Currently out of stock.

Learn to Play Irish Button Accordion - John Williams

John Williams is a virtuoso on both concertina and two-row button accordion. This DVD teaches basics like holding the accordion, first scales, bass notes, chords, arpeggios, scales in triplets, waltz rhythm and more, plus five traditional Irish tunes: Oro (Se Do Bheatha Bhaile), Saddle The Pony, Napoleon Crossing The Rhine, Sporting Nellie, and Sally Gardens. Includes music. 70 minutes. DVD

$29.95 Currently out of stock.

Learn to Play the B & C Button Accordion - P.J. Hernon

For the beginner. This DVD features instruction on piping techniques, triplets, rolls, & more; includes live stage performances. 90 minutes. DVD


Joe Burke Traditional Irish Music Collection - 104 Tunes + 3 CDs

104 Tunes compiled and recorded by Joe Burke. Tunes played slowly with variations and ornamentation suitable for all instruments. 52 pages with 3 CDs.


English Melodeon

Handbook for Melodeon - Roger Watson

A complete guide for the beginning 1-, 2-, or 3-row button accordion player. Notecharts are provided for one-row accordions in C, D, and G; two-row accordions in D/G, C/F, A/D, and G/C; club accordions in C/F and D/G; and three-row accordions in A/D/G. All tunes are printed in the key of G but can be played on the inside row, regardless of key. 32 pages.


The D/G Melodeon Absolute Beginners - Dave Mallinson

This book is written for the two-row D/G button accordion with eight bass buttons. It covers the different types of button accordion, music-reading basics, and many tunes for practice. There is a concentration on playing the bass in time. While not focusing on any style in particular, this book aims to give students a good grounding, helping them to easily move on to whatever music genre they choose. The lessons are based on traditional playing styles and tunes from Britain and Ireland. 32 pages.


The D/G Melodeon Absolute Beginners - Companion CD - Dave Mallinson

This recording has been produced as a companion soundtrack to the book of the same title. Every musical example is recorded. CD


Beginners' Melodeon Tunes and Techniques - Dave Mallinson

Enjoy playing traditional music on the D/G melodeon. Learn 75 traditional tunes from England, Scotland, Wales, Shetland, Orkney, Ireland, France, Flanders, Canada and America. 48 pages.


Beginners' Melodeon Tunes and Techniques - Companion CD - Dave Mallinson

This recording has been produced as a companion soundtrack to the book of the same title. CD


Instant Melodeon - Dave Mallinson

This book utilises a combination of standard music notation, melodeon tablature, time signature spacing and simple, popular tunes. Along with the specially prepared soundtrack, you have everything required for instant gratification and to quickly build a superb core repertoire of traditional music. 24 pages with CD.


The Melodeon Tutor - Ed Rennie

Now available in the US! Ed Rennie's clear and concise instruction book will take the beginning player through the process of learning the D/G melodeon. Using English folk tunes, you'll be guided through playing with both hands, several bass techniques, accidentals, and playing in keys other than D and G. You don't have to be able to read music to use this book, but you'll probably pick it up as you work through it. Comes with a CD and a DVD with video clips of useful techniques. With a foreword by John Spiers. Please note that the DVD is in PAL format - it won't play on NTSC players (used in the US and Canada), but it will work with your computer's DVD drive. 41 pages, with CD and DVD.


The D/G Melodeon Chord Book - Ed Rennie

Finally - a chord book for the right hand of the D/G melodeon! Contains clear diagrams with chords in every key, as well as how one might play scales (or parts of scales) in many keys on this instrument. Also contains a section on music theory and the construction of chords, complete with examples. 46 pages.


The D/G Melodeon Bass Book - Ed Rennie

Ed Rennie's newest book deals with "the Grumpy End of the standard D/G melodeon." The plain and concise text, complemented by clear diagrams, guides you step by step through the mysteries of exactly what's going on with the bass buttons and explores what lies beyond oom-pah. There is also a tune book in two sections. Firstly some tunes for Solo playing featuring all the techniques. The second section is something entirely new. Music for the Melodeon Ensemble, opening up a whole world of possibilities. 55 pages.


Traditional Melodeon: Mastering the Art - John Spiers

On this DVD, the renowned melodeon player John Spiers works with student Lucy Huzzard to provide a live audience with a valuable insight into how to improve their command of this distinctive instrument in the manner of the professionals. Together they explore posture, left and right hand integration, one-row and row-crossing ideas, chord and bellow combinations, right-hand fingering patterns, ornamentation, and bellows control. A wonderful opportunity to explore the fantastic playing of John Spiers and learn how to develop your own melodeon playing. DVD


How to Play the English Melodeon - John Kirkpatrick

Designed for students of the English style D/G accordion. Learn the music, style and technique of the English melodeon (button accordion) in this unique DVD from the master of the buttons himself. Over 3 hours of top tuition. Combines the former 3-part video series onto one DVD, for a savings of $86. "My playing advanced fifteen years in three months by listening to John K. The man is a virtuoso." -- Andy Cutting DVD


French Button Accordion

Diatonic Accordion Method Vol. 1 - Norbert Pignol & Stephane Milleret

For G/C button accordions. Could also be used for some other types -- ask us. Very clear and well thought out beginner's tutor, newly revised with additional exercises. Book with accompanying sound files which are downloaded from the internet. Text in French & English. 67 pages.


Diatonic Accordion Method Vol. 2 - Norbert Pignol & Stephane Milleret

Book with accompanying sound files which are downloaded from the internet. Text in French & English. Topics include 9/8 rhythm; embellishing the left hand; using a metronome; practicing scales, chords, back-up and arpeggios; and repertoire. 118 pages.


Diatonic Accordion Method Vol. 3 - Norbert Pignol & Stephane Milleret

Book with accompanying sound files which are downloaded from the internet. Text in French & English. Topics include creating new chords with the left hand, ornamentation, asymmetrical bars, the blues scale, synthesis exercises, and repertoire. 105 pages.


Diatonic Accordion Method Vol. 4 — Norbert Pignol & Stephane Milleret

Book with accompanying sound files which are downloaded from the internet. Text in French & English. This book departs from the previous three volumes in that it deals with the 3-row button accordion. Written primarily G/C/accidental three-row instruments, though it can be applied to instruments in other keys; no fingering patterns are indicated, and the tablature system of the other books in this series is not used. Topics include study of the main tonalities; knowledge of the keyboard layout; working on scales, chords, arpeggios, and harmonic cadences; and symmetrical scales. 105 pages.


L'air et le geste / The air and the movement — Norbert Pignol & Stéphane Milleret

"The air and the movement, almost three and half hours of footage where Stéphane Milleret and Norbert Pignol provide further insight into the four volumes of their method. The beginner and seasoned aesthete will each find something to fuel their personal history with the instrument. Nothing replaces the eyes and ears to get straight to the point. One talks of position, of sound, of gesture, of bellows, the air button, of arms and of the left hand, of rhythmics, of groove." In French, with subtitles in French, Spanish, English, and Italian.
Please note that this DVD is in PAL format — if you live in the US or Canada, this will not play in your DVD player (which is likely NTSC format); however, it will work with your computer's DVD drive.


Cajun Button Accordion

You Can Play Cajun Accordion - Larry Miller & Mike Miller

Designed for beginners playing an accordion in the key of C, with no knowledge of music theory. Tablature and words for many songs. 41 pages with CD.


Beginner Cajun Accordion Steve Riley

This DVD is intended for beginners and will help you build the foundation you need to play "Cajun style." Through a thorough method of meticulously breaking down four classic Cajun tunes, Steve Riley will pass down all the tools you need to be on your way to playing the Cajun accordion. Riley is originally from Mamou, Louisiana and has taught the single-row diatonic accordion at music camps and festivals all over the world. DVD

$28 Currently out of stock.

Learn to Play Cajun Accordion: Starting Out (DVD) - Dirk Powell

Powell teaches beginners how to hold the instrument, use the bellows, find the notes, and play "double" (octaves) - the essence of the Cajun style. Includes detailed instruction for playing some of the most popular Cajun dance tunes such as La Valse de Quatre-vingt-dix-neuf Ans (The 99 Year Waltz), The High Point Two-Step, Johnny Can't Dance. 75 minutes long. Includes lyrics. DVD

$29.95 Currently out of stock.

Learn to Play Cajun Accordion: Intermediate & Advanced Techniques (DVD) - Dirk Powell

The accordionist in the popular Cajun band Balfa Toujours takes his exploration of the instrument beyond the basics. Dirk Powell covers topics such as ornamentation, syncopation, phrasing, anticipating the bellows changes, creating rhythmic effects and many other techniques to get a real hot Cajun sound. The songs include The Wafus Two-Step, Lafayette Playboy Waltz, Hick's Wagon Wheel Special, Dimanche Apres-midi (Sunday Afternoon). 60 minutes long. Early Intermediate Level. DVD

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Intermediate Cajun Accordion - Steve Riley

Steve Riley, accordionist for the Mamou Playboys, presents five songs geared toward the intermediate player. He demonstrates technique and triplets in two-steps and waltzes, explores blues rhythm, and stresses the importance of perfecting the Cajun rhythm for the sake of dancers. Riley has taught the single-row diatonic accordion at music camps and festivals all over the world. DVD

$28 Currently out of stock.

Cajun Rhythm & Improvisation - Wilson Savoy

Over an hour of Cajun music and lessons on rhythm, triplet, and improvisation. Savoy plays the diatonic C accordion. DVD

$28 Currently out of stock.

Tejano/Norteño/Tex-Mex Button Accordion

¡Aprende Ya! A Tocar El Acordeón De Botones - Foncho Castellar

In Spanish. A beginning guide to playing the G/C/F button accordion. With both tablature and standard musical notation. 48 pages with CD.


¡Aprende Ya! Escalas Para El Acordeón De Botones - Foncho Castellar

In Spanish. A guide to scales on the G/C/F button accordion. With both tablature and standard musical notation. 40 pages with CD.


¡Aprende Ya! Acordes Para El Acordeón De Botones - Foncho Castellar

In Spanish. A guide to chords on the G/C/F button accordion. With both tablature and standard musical notation. 48 pages with CD.

¡Aprende Ya! Cancionero para el Acordeón de Botones

¡Aprende Ya! Cancionero para el Acordeón de Botones - Ed Lozano

In Spanish. A comprehensive song book that contains popular Latin American tunes. The songs are transcribed specifically for the diatonic accordion, and have a tablature that makes playing easier. 48 pages with CD.


Adornos Para Acordeón - Rogelio Maya

Una gran colección de adornos populares para acordeón presentada en un método que combina un libro y un DVD para músicos de todos los niveles. Como continuación al exitoso método El Acordeón Completo, este curso único introduce una gran variedad de adornos usando un sistema de enseñanza fácil y efectivo. El DVD permitirá que el estudiante seleccione la tonalidad del acordeón y incluye escalas y acordes comunes.

Finally, an accordion book that's jam packed with the hottest and most popular licks today! Designed as a follow-up to our best-selling El Acordeón Completo method book, it covers everything you need to learn so that you can effortlessly begin playing licks on your button accordion. The accompanying DVD is a great tool that clearly demonstrates each lick in various keys, as well as essential scales and chords. 48 pages with DVD - In Spanish

$21.95 Currently out of stock.

Acordeón vol. 1 (DVD) - Cuco Mendoza

Recomendada por maestros en todo el país, la serie en DVD de Mayas Music provee su reconocido material educativo en un formato divertido y fácil de usar para que cualquier persona pueda empezer a tocar en corto tiempo! Con éste método aprenderás las bases fundamentales del instrumento.

Recommended by teachers everywhere, this series of DVDs from Mayas Music provides proven educational material in a fun and easy-to-use format, so that anyone may start to play in a short time. The menus provide direct access to specific areas so that you may learn and review at your own pace. This excellent course assures you a successful start in the Norteño or Tejano styles. Manual included. DVD - In Spanish


Acordeón vol. 2 (DVD)- Cuco Mendoza

Con este segundo curso, continuarás tu aprendizaje del acordeón y de acordes mayors y menores. Además, aprenderás a tocar ritmos y adornes populares. Contiene canciones y tirmos tales como polka, zapateado, vals, cumbia y much más. En la pantalla de tu televisor verás claramente cómo se ejecuta cada acción.

With this second course, you continue learning the accordion and the major and minor chords. In addition, you will learn to play rhythms and popular fills in songs and rhythms such as polka, zapateado, waltz, cumbia, and many more. You will see every movement clearly on the your TV screen. Manual included. DVD - In Spanish

$19.95 Currently out of stock.

Acordeón vol. 3 (DVD) - Taught by Cuco Mendoza (button accordion) and Enrique Martinez (piano accordion)

This advanced course presents more complex fills and ornaments, allowing one to play rhythms such as charanga, chotis (redoba), bolero, and balada. Instructions for both piano and button accordion. 60 minutes. ¡Tú Puedes Tocar El Acordeón Ya! (Vol. 3) Con éste método continuarás usando lo que aprendiste en el Vol. 2, y lo aplicarás en estos ritmos populares: charanga, chotis (redoba), bolero, balada y otros. Acordes: diatónicos, disminuidos, aumentados y mas. DVD - In Spanish


Canciones para Acordeón, Part One - Cuco Mendoza

Mayas Music orgullosamente presenta una nueva colección de productos diseñados para los m úsicos que desean enfocarse en el aprendizaje de ritmos y canciones populares. Estas divertidas y simples lecciones presentan las canciones favoritas de siempre, al igual que canciones y ritmos contemporáneos.

This innovative DVD teaches you how to play songs in the popular style called "Norteno." Using a 3-row button accordion, each song is clearly demonstrated in slow and normal tempo, with camera close-ups, so that you can quickly learn to play with confidence. You'll also learn ornaments, introductions, progressions and more. Songs taught: La Bamba, Los Laureles, Lamberto Quintero, El Saus y La Palma, Cruz De Madera, El Muchacho Alegre, Caminos De Michoacán, El Adolorido, Cruz De Olvido. 60 minutes. DVD - In Spanish

$19.95 Currently out of stock.

Canciones para Acordeón, Part Two - Cuco Mendoza

Songs in the "Norteño" style, as above, using the 3-row button accordion. Songs taught: El Golpe Traidor, Las Nuves, La Del Moño Colorado, El Lucerito, El Texanito, El Gallito, Amor De Madre,Tampico Hermoso, Paloma Errante. DVD - In Spanish


Tex-Mex Accordion (DVD) - Flaco Jimenez & Tim Alexander

This popular instructional method is now available on DVD, and at a lower price. Flaco Jimenez and Tim Alexander show you how to play this music in note-for-note detail, so that even a complete beginner will master several popular Tex-Mex tunes. With the help of Homespun's split screens, you'll watch Tim play a simple melody while Flaco covers the more advanced fills and ornaments as they tie together everything you've learned. Songs: Polkas: La Napolera, La Piedrera, Atotonilco, Viva Seguin; Redova: La Tuna; Tango: La Paloma; Schotis: Flor Marchita. For G/C/F accordion, 70 minutes long, music and diagrams enclosed. DVD - In English


And More

The PHD's of the Button Accordion: Learnin' the Button Accordion (Vol. 17) - by Uncle Billy

A tutor geared toward beginning button accordion players that do not read standard musical notation. Uncle Billy uses a "play by number" system. Comes with companion CDs suitable for instruments in C or D. 44 pages with 2 CDs.