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Our instrument inventory changes too often for us to list every new instrument here. If you're looking to find our new instruments, please check the current inventory of concertinas, button accordions, and piano and chromatic accordions.

New Instrument Models


The Atzarin accordion is a new instrument with a fully chromatic, bisonoric and neutral treble keyboard, and a standard Stradella bass/chord system on the left side (see full details here). This Delicia-made instrument has 45 treble notes (d# - b3), 2 sets of treble reeds (MM) and 4 sets of bass/chord reeds. With hard case and straps. New

Brandoni 144C piano accordion

Brandoni 144C

A top-of-the-line model from one of Italy's premier makers. 96 bass, 34 treble (g - e3), 4/5 sets of handmade reeds (Artigiana, LMMH). Double tone chamber, 11/7 switches. Cassotto-style bass reedblocks. Pearl keys & bass buttons. 16" keyboard; overall measurement 17 1/2" x 7 1/2". 23 lbs. With backpad, deluxe straps and rolling hardshell case. Video.


Saltarelle Awen

Saltarelle's new 3-voice, Irish model with a flat keyboard and 23 treble buttons. Hand-finished reeds (TAM) with dry or swing tuning. 8 bass with a stop to remove thirds from the chords. Natural- or red-finished cherry. Available with dry or swing tuning. With case and straps.

$2,755 B/C, McComiskey bass

$2,755 B/C, Burke bass

Saltarelle Marty

This is the new, 3-voice version of Saltarelle's popular Bouëbe model. Stepped keyboard with 21 treble buttons, 3 reeds per treble note (LMM) with one stop, 8 basses with stop to remove thirds. Available with dry or swing tuning. With case and straps

Special Order

Saltarelle Endymion

A flat keyboard version of Saltarelle's Pastourelle II model. 21+5 treble and 12 bass buttons. 2 reeds per treble note. 1 bass stop to remove third from chords. Natural finish. With case and straps.

Special Order $2,960

Saltarelle Arcadia

Saltarelle's new compact 96-bass chromatic model. 4-row with 56 treble buttons (43 notes), 3 sets of reeds and 5 switches located behind the treble keyboard. 96 bass buttons with 4 sets of reeds and 5 switches. Handmade reeds. Natural finish cherry/walnut. Specify c-griff or b-griff. Case and straps included.

Special Order $6,845
Brandoni 66C piano accordion

Brandoni 66C

78 bass, 34 treble, 3/4 sets of reeds, 5/3 switches. Super durall reeds. Measures 17 1/2" x 7". Available in several colors. 18 lbs. With backpad, deluxe straps, and rolling hardshell case.

Special Order $3,895
$4,395 With upgraded handmade reeds

Brandoni Clover

A new top-of-the-line accordion from one of Italy's premier makers. 23 treble buttons and 8 bass. 3 sets of Artigiana handmade reeds. 1 stop in the treble, 1 stop to remove thirds. Solid mahogany, with black pearl buttons. With straps and hard case.

Special Order $4,265

Cases and Other Accessories

Neotech Pad-It straps

Pad-It Straps

A simple yet elegant strap that is sure to be a hit! The shoulder pads are made with an anti-microbial memory foam that conforms to the shoulders for a comfortable fit that makes even heavy instruments a breeze to wear. The pads also help to wick moisture away for additional comfort. The straps connect to the instrument with their unique loop connection system for added security. Length is adjustable from 33" to 51".


Button Box Green & Gold Logo T-Shirts

Our logo with sparkle! 100% cotton, deep forest green and lettering in metallic gold with silver shadows.

Sizes S - XL
Select size: $14.00

Button Box Logo T-Shirts

Our logo - plain and simple! 100% cotton, black with white ink. These sizes run small.

Sizes S - XXL
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New CDs

Peter Conlon - The Genius of Peter Conlon

"This new release presents the recorded works of the remarkable P.J. Conlon - foremost of the melodeon players to record Irish music in the 1920's. The remarkable Peter Conlon was the foremost player of traditional Irish music on the melodeon during the golden age of 78 rpm recording. The 44 page booklet documents his life, his recordings, his legacy, and much more." -- Claddagh Records 2 CDs + booklet


The Press Gang - Fortune It May Smile

Their first CD in their quartet format. Christian "Junior" Stevens (button accordion, anglo concertina), Alden Robinson (fiddle), Owen Marshall (guitar, bouzouki, harmonium) and Hanz Araki (flute, vocals). Anglo concertina, button accordion


Leveret - Inventions

Andy Cutting, Rob Harbron and Sam Sweeney return with their third album, a collection of instrumental music composed entirely by the trio. Button accordion, English concertina


Florence Fahy - Tunes from the Flaggy Shore

Florence is a highly regarded player and teacher of the concertina. Her playing is rooted in the Irish tradition and this first album from a player of her stature is long overdue. Florence comes from an area rich in traditional music and concertina playing in New Quay, Co Clare. She heard her first tunes by the fireside from her father Martin Fahy, who joins her in a few sets on this CD. Anglo Concertina


Domino - 20th Anniversary Edition

Original and traditional tunes for Québecois dances and American contradances. Remastered, including a track unpublished in 1998. With Sabin Jacques, Richard Forest, Réjean Brunet and Luc Laroche. Button accordion


Réjean Lizotte - L’ultime Album

Original compositions of Réjean Lizotte. With Rachel Aucoin, Normand Legault and Claudine Arcand. From 2017. Button accordion

Beausoleil CD

Beausoleil - Allons a Lafayette & More

Over 60 minutes of Cajun music with Michael Doucet and special guest Canray Fontenot. Cajun accordion


Noel Hill - Live in New York

"Recorded live in New York, this is a 6-panel Digipack, designed by Maurice Gunning with notes by Noel Hill, and an introductory note by Tony Mac Mahon." -- Claddagh Records Anglo Concertina

$20 Currently out of stock.
In Any Weather

Owen Woods - In Any Weather

"Out of the 13 tracks, there are 17 tunes, including some from England, Scotland, Quebec, Norway, Sweden and the USA. There are traditional tunes, recently penned tunes, tunes from the classical tradition, and interpretations of recently written works outside the folk sphere." --Owen Woods Button Accordion


Jack Talty - In Flow

Debut solo album by Clare concertina player, Jack Talty. Featuring John Blake on Guitar & Ruairí McGorman on Bouzouki. Anglo concertina


Damien Connolly - Inspired

Featuring Sally Connolly, Seamus Connolly, Brendan Dolan, John Doyle, Sean Earnest, Oisin MacDiarmada, Eamon O'Leary, Jason Sypher, the String Fingers Band, Brittany Haas, and Chelsea Smith. From 2014. Button accordion

$15 $12

Éric St-Pierre - Éric St-Pierre

Traditional Québécois accordion music. Button accordion


Francine Desjardins - Tout Simplement

Traditional accordion music from Québec. With Rachel Aucoin and André Desjardins. From 2016. Button accordion


Léo Doiron - Un Souvenir

Diatonic accordion music of Québec. With accompaniment from Rachel Aucoin on piano. From 2013. Button accordion


Gaston Nolet joue... Alfred Montmarquette

A tribute to famed Montreal accordionist Alfred Montmarquette. Traditional music of Québec with Francine Cataford Grenier, Son époux Gilles, Luc Lavallée, François Lord, Serge Mathon, and Marie-Claude Breault. Button accordion


Gaston Nolet - Mes Coups de Cœur

With Benoit Legault, Sébastien Deshaies, William Lévesque, and Serge Mathon. Button accordion


Dorothée Hogan - La Grande Ronde

Anthology of traditional music from Québec. With Pierre Chartrand, Michel Donato, Richard Forest, Gilles Garand, Dorothée Hogan, Sabin Jacques, Charles Johnson, Gabriel Labbé, Christian Laurence, Violaine Poudrier, and Laura Risk. From 2003. Button accordion


Rachel Bell - Tone Chamber

Rachel Bell and her musical companions will be familiar to just about everyone in the contra dance world. On this recording they apply their talents to a beautifully played diverse repertoire. With Karen Axelrod, Dana Billings, Susan Kevra, Eileen Nicholson, Julie Vallimont, Andrew Van Norstrand, and Noah Van Norstrand. Piano Accordian


Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham — Well Dressed

"...there is enough musical suavity and elegant vocal tailoring on here to suit any dedicated follower of folk. ... [Keith and Sylvia are each] equipped with a concertina, a solid, strong voice full of character and an infectious joy for traditional song. Their admirable keep-it-simple approach leads to deceptively rich textures of sound ... True to the duo’s roots, Derbyshire features strongly as the originating point or subject of many of the songs on here. — Clare Button, Living Tradition English concertina, Maccann duet concertina


Leveret - In the Round

[Leveret's] second album comes exactly a year since their debut. ...The decision was made to record a new set there and then [on tour]; live and literally in the round. ‘In The Round’ finds Leveret taking another small step in their mission in rediscovering and reintroducing music from the archive but played in a fresh contemporary setting. Not satisfied with simply playing the tunes, they garnish them with twists and turns which add their own originality and personality to the sound. ... It’s three musicians totally locking into what you’d like to call a groove and that sense of togetherness. --Mike Ainscoe, Louder than War Button accordion, English concertina


Jeremiah McLane - The Grinding Stone

Jeremiah's newest recording. 12 tracks including slow and fast reels, jigs, waltzes, marches, two pieces in 5/4, and one slow air; all but two tunes are original. With Owen Marshall on bouzouki and guitar, Corey DiMario on bass, and Anna Patton on clarinet. --his website Piano accordion


New Books

Tangos for Accordion - arranged by Gary Meisner

Every accordionist needs to know some tangos! Here are 15 favorites: Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy) • Aquellos Ojos Verdes (Green Eyes) • Hernando's Hideaway • Jalousie (Jealousy) • Kiss of Fire • La Cumparsita (The Masked One) • Quizás, Quizás, Quizás (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps) • The Rain in Spain • Tango of Roses • Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets) • and more! 60 pages.


Sing-Along Favorites for Accordion - arranged by Gary Meisner

Accordion expert Gary Meisner has arranged 30 all-time classics, including: Beautiful Brown Eyes • Clementine • Down by the Riverside • For Me and My Gal • Home on the Range • I Love You Truly • Let Me Call You Sweetheart • The Red River Valley • Take Me Out to the Ball Game • Yankee Doodle • and many more! 77 pages.


Raz de Marée / Tidal Wave

This tune book is the companion of the CD of the same name that can be found on our CDs page. 34 pages.


Raz de Marée / Tidal Wave - Marche du St-Laurent

This tune book is the companion of the CD of the same name that can be found on our CDs page. 32 pages.


Accordion Go East - Peter Michael Haas

"Featuring a range of pieces from a Russian folk song, easy, playable with 48 basses, to lively Balkan and Klezmer dances, this collection has something for everyone! Playing tips help you perform the pieces in their authentic styles. As an extra: 4 pieces in duo versions with both C and Bb parts for the melody. In three interviews, musicians in the scene provide cultural background information. On the professionally produced CD, which includes selected musical guests, you can listen to all the pieces included in the book." -- Mel Bay 104 pages with CD.


International Accordion Favorites - Bruce Bollerud

Welcome to the world of international accordion music. This collection contains a sampling of ethnic folk music from Europe and the Americas and forms the foundation of a basic folk accordion repertoire. These songs are from many nations. They are crowd pleasers and they are fun to play. I have played most of these songs in the various bands I have played with over the years. These melodies have stood the test of time, so what are you waiting for? Open the book, get your accordion out and let's play some music! 74 pages with online audio.


Traditional Tunes for Two Fiddlers: Book 1 - compiled by Christine Martin

"Favourite Scottish tunes in two part arrangements for keyboard, fiddle and accordion players. . . . Many popular tunes from the Scottish tradition and even a few Scandinavian tunes that have become popular here. Most of the second parts are easy, some are very easy and there are even some third fiddle parts for some of the tunes. . . . Thirty three tunes in parts." -- Scotlands Music 32 pages.


Learn Blues Accordion - David DiGiuseppe

"Learn Blues Accordion is a unique method book that includes 34 blues compositions and numerous exercises that will help you master the blues. The exercises increase in difficulty and introduce concepts and techniques that specifically target both hands. Explore blues scales, chord progressions and learn common blues techniques such as grace notes, slides, pedal points, double stops and tremolos. Left hand accompanying rhythmic styles are taught and used throughout the material, including boogie-woogie, the blues shuffle, New Orleans and walking bass lines. This book also features exercises on comping chords in common blues keys using various rhythmic patterns. Accompanying audio is recorded in stereo format, separating the left and right hands. The recordings are available online with included access." -- Mel Bay 96 pages with online audio.


Ye Yaille Chere - Traditional Cajun Dance Music - Raymond E. Francois

"A unique treasury of words and sheet music to 247 traditional and original Cajun songs, this book will be a valuable reference for anyone interested in Cajun music and culture. Collected, transcribed, and annotated by Raymond E. Francois. One of the most remarkable comprehensive collections of authentic Cajun sheet music and lyrics from southwest Louisiana, from 1900 and earlier to nearly 1970, ranging from old songs which have nearly been forgotten to the classic songs of the Cajun repertoire." -- Flat Town Music 520 pages.


O'Carolan for Everyone - Keith Hinchliffe

"This collection presents 55 tunes by the great Irish harper Turlough O'Carolan arranged for guitar, keyboard, or instrumental duet. The basic layout for each tune is an easy to intermediate guitar version in standard notation only, designed to also be usable for keyboard, instrumental duet or larger groups. The chord names above the music give simplified accompaniments that can be played instead of or in addition to the full bass lines. The chords can be used for second guitar parts, for keyboard chord vamping or for accompaniment--single note or chord--on any instrument." --Mel Bay 48 pages.


The Piano Accordion Absolute Beginners - Karen Tweed and Dave Mallinson

Detailed tuition for playing traditional music on the piano accordion. Learn 58 easy, popular and well-known traditional tunes: core repertoire for pub sessions, country dances, ceilidhs, barn dances and hoe-downs. 32 pages


The Piano Accordion Absolute Beginners - Companion soundtrack played by Karen Tweed

Companion CD for The Piano Accordion Absolute Beginners book. CD

Scandinavian Folk Tunes for Accordion

Scandinavian Folk Tunes for Accordion - Jonny Dyer

A collection of 61 traditional melodies adapted for intermediate accordion players, by Jonny Dyer. Each tune provides the melody and harmony. The tunes cover a range of Scandinavian styles and regions. Notes included on playing style, tune types, ornamentation and use of the left hand to enhance these melodies. 68 pages with CD.