Tuning & Repairs

The Button Box offers a complete repair and tuning service. We can perform complete overhauls on concertinas and button accordions; our piano accordion service is limited to warranty repairs and routine maintenance. We have most types of reeds, valves, straps and other replacement parts on hand. We also have a variety of items such as backpads and microphone systems, and can obtain full reed sets for button accordions. We use top-quality pads, valves and springs on our concertina repairs. Original Wheatstone and Dipper parts are also available.

There's a charge of $20 for repair estimates. However, the estimate charge is waived if you have us proceed with the repairs. Be aware that there is also a wait list for repairs. Please inquire for details.

Stagi Enhancements

Repair StagiStagi concertinas are affordable instruments that can provide years of playing enjoyment. However, buying a Stagi from a mass-market web retailer can be a disappointing experience. Because Stagis are mass produced, they require thorough checking, adjustment and a complete tuning to bring them into good playing condition. The Button Box is the only retailer that performs this service to your new instrument, at no extra cost.

Our skilled technicians enhance Stagi concertinas by:

  • checking for and repairing leaks
  • completely tuning all reeds so that the instrument is in concert pitch (a=440 Hz)
  • checking and repairing the action mechanism to ensure that it is quiet and responsive
  • adjusting valves to minimize noise
  • adjusting the reed set to make sure that the voicing is even.

We spend considerable time on each concertina before it goes to its new home, and we guarantee new instruments for one full year. You may see a Stagi concertina sold for a lower price by another retailer -- but there may be hidden costs. Customers who bought a Stagi elsewhere have spent hundreds of dollars with our repair department to fix problems that the Button Box takes care of before you buy.

Replacement Parts

Although we are not a parts supplier, we do keep a small inventory of replacement parts for our customers. Contact us for more information. Please be aware that parts orders include a picking charge.

Warranty Work

New instruments are guaranteed for one year.
Used instruments are in good playing condition, and are guaranteed for three months.

This guarantee is for defects in materials and workmanship, and excludes normal wear and tear, abuse and conditions existing at the time of sale. All warranty work must be done by The Button Box.