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R. Morse & Co. Céilí Anglo Concertina

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The Céilí is our 30-key anglo concertina, available with a Jeffries or Wheatstone/Lachenal fingering layout, in a variety of keys. Finish choices include a rich natural 'rosewood' stain or satin black. Like all R. Morse concertinas, the Céilí is crafted to offer the best features of high-end vintage concertinas and comes with a fitted hardshell case and a 5-year warranty against defective parts and workmanship. Instruments are made to order. Base price $2,675.

Morse concertina case

The Button Box, Inc., has been making high-quality, reliable concertinas under the R. Morse & Co. brand since 1999. Our concertinas are nimble instruments with a full, bright tone, satisfying to play and appealing to the eye as well. These instruments are meticulously designed and built by us right here in western Massachusetts.

Buttons: 30 (option of left-hand thumb drone for additional charge). Made of black Delrin®, 1/4" across with slightly domed tops, offering comfort over many hours of playing. Natural felt bushings contribute to a smooth and quiet action. Raised air button.
Dimensions: 6.25" across the flats, approx. 5.75" end to end when compressed. Weighs 2 lbs. 4 oz. (1.0 kg)
Tuning: Available in C/G, G/D, D/A, Bb/F.
A = 440 Hz.
Layout: Jeffries or Wheatstone/Lachenal are standard. Custom layouts upon request.
Case: Custom-made fitted hardshell case included.
Inside view of the action and reedpan
Action: We use a traditional riveted action and stainless steel springs for a quick and even response.
Reedpan: The reedpan and action board are integrated, making our instruments unusually light and offering a full and bright sound.
Reeds: We use high-grade Italian-made accordion reeds, providing a response and dynamic range equal to or surpassing that of many vintage concertinas. Our standard reeds strike a good balance of response and tone. Hand-finished (tipo a mano) reeds are also available for an additional charge (C/G and G/D only).
Bellows: Our standard bellows have six folds and a traditional construction of acid-free card stock, goat and cow leathers, and linen, providing strength, flexibility, and durability. A seven-fold bellows is available for an additional charge.
Endframes: The graceful fretwork is made of a strong cherry laminate with a rich natural 'rosewood' stain or a satin black finish.
Fittings: Our concertinas are fitted with our own brass endbolts and thumbscrews.

Notecharts for C/G instruments

C/G Notecharts

Notecharts for G/D instruments

G/D Notecharts

Céilí, C/G with rosewood stain

Céilí, C/G with satin black finish

Céilí, G/D with rosewood stain

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Céilí, C/G with rosewood stain
C/G with satin black finish
Céilí, G/D with rosewood stain

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R. Morse & Co. Céilí

Serial #1381, 30-key G/D, Jeffries note layout. With Italian hand-finished reeds. Rosewood-stained cherry ends, 7-fold leather bellows. Delrin buttons, riveted action. With fitted hardshell case. New



From the Button Box:
A Céilí can be ordered by placing a $100 non-refundable deposit here or by contacting us. We will contact you once your concertina is completed to arrange shipping and payment of the balance.

To place an order select options below. Delivery time is estimated at 4-6 weeks.


Click to pay $100 deposit.

For those who desire a particularly bright tone, we now offer a hand-finished (tipo a mano) reed option for an additional $70 (C/G and G/D only). When completing your order online, please indicate in the "special shipping instructions or comments" box that you would like your instrument to have hand-finished reeds. Please contact us if you have any questions.

In addition to ordering from The Button Box, you can order R. Morse & Co. concertinas from these authorized dealers:

Micheal O' Raghallaigh - Rathmolyon, Co. Meath, Ireland. tel. 00353 07 7996670 or

Accord et Musique, Lyon, France.