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Welcome to The Button Box, makers of R. Morse & Co. concertinas and sellers of fine used & new concertinas and accordions.

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We invite you to visit our showroom. In addition to our instrument sales, we offer expert repair and tuning of concertinas and button accordions, as well as a variety of books, CDs, accessories and gifts. We also buy used concertinas and accordions. Please use the menus above to browse our instruments and other merchandise.

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ESB Baritone Anglo Concertina

Our newest R. Morse & Co. model, the ESB baritone anglo concertina, is now available to order.

About the instruments we sell

The anglo concertina is diatonic, playing a different note on the push and on the pull. It is often used for chanteys and American fiddle music. The C/G 30-button anglo concertina is a popular choice for Irish traditional music.
The English concertina is fully chromatic and its note layout is based on the musical staff. It plays the same note on the push and on the pull. Originally designed for classical music, the English system is well-suited to folk music and chordal accompaniment.
There are several duet systems of concertina. They all play the same note on the push and on the pull, and they are all designed to allow accompaniment to be played in one hand and melody lines in the other. They are suitable for all sorts of folk and popular music.
Diatonic button accordions play a different note on the push and on the pull. On the right-hand side, each row of buttons is in a different key. The left-hand side features bass and chord buttons. Different styles of button accordion are popular for many sorts of folk music, including Irish, English, French, and many Latin styles.
Piano accordions feature a piano-like keyboard on the right hand, with chords and basses on the left hand. These accordions are fully chromatic and suitable for jazz, classical, folk, and popular music.
Chromatic button accordions are fully chromatic and play the same note on the push and on the pull. The right-hand fingerboard consists of 3 to 5 rows of buttons arranged chromatically, and the left-hand side features bass and chords. These accordions are a popular choice for jazz, classical, and many styles of European music.

The brands that we sell

We stock new and used accordions from Castagnari, Saltarelle, Serenellini, Weltmeister, and Hohner. We cannot predict what used instruments will become available, but we occasionally have used accordions from Cairdín, Paolo Soprani, Gaillard, Pigini, Petosa, and so on. New and used concertinas are available from our own brand, R. Morse & Co., as well as Stagi and Concertina Connection. We have a wide variety of vintage Wheatstone, Jeffries, and Lachenal concertinas, among others. If you don't see an instrument you'd like in our current inventory, please contact us for ordering information.